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MondaySeptember 15, 2014

Today’s Teaching: Open Invitation

Show #: 9015

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TuesdaySeptember 16, 2014

Show Topic: Bridges with Plumb

Plumb is a Musician / Songwriter / Author. For more information on Plumb please visit

WednesdaySeptember 17, 2014

Show Topic: The Music Business

Mark Cabaniss is the head of Alfred Sacred Music Group, a music publishing company. Mark is also a writer, composer and producer. For more information on Mark please visit

Show Topic: Prayer Show with Pastor Kathy Tack

Kathy Tack is the lead pastor of Generations of Grace church. For more information on about Kathy and Generations of Grace please visit

ThursdaySeptember 18, 2014

Show Topic: The Truth

Gary Chapman is a singer/songwriter of over 30 years with several Grammy nominations and Dove Awards. On today’s show he talks about the inspiration for his album, “The Truth.” For more information on Gary please visit

FridaySeptember 19, 2014

Today’s Teaching: Pictures of Jesus Pt. 1

Show #: 9010

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Last Week

MondaySeptember 8, 2014

Today’s Teaching: Be One Of The Few

Show #: 9014

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TuesdaySeptember 9, 2014

Show Topic: Keeping Faithful Between Times

Katherine Degenhardt is a Christian consultant and author. She has helped many people find peace with their past through Biblical truths. To order one of Katherine’s books, visit her online store by clicking here


WednesdaySeptember 9, 2014

Show Topic: Motherhood

Dr. Heather Rupe is an author and medical professional specializing in obstetrics and gynecology (OBGYN). Heather has two sons, one of her own and an adopted son. The Rupes struggled for 3 years to adopt a son, but finally God provided. For more information on Dr. Rupe please visit her website,

Michelle Moore is a mom, real estate agent, author and radio talk show host. When she was 14, she was abandoned by her single mother and her care was passed off from family member to family member. Despite her hurt, the Lord has healed her and blessed her with a loving family. For more information on Michelle please visit her website,

Sarah Siegand is the author of Smart Girl, Stupid World, a book about choosing right in a world gone wrong. She says it’s a letter to herself at 16 – about not trying to do everything on her own. Instead, she says, we need to let God and godly people into our lives to help us transform. For more information on Sarah and her book, please visit

Show Topic: Prayer Show with guest Pastor Mike Lee

Mike Lee is the head pastor of the Third Baptist Church in Murfreesboro, TN. For more information on Pastor Lee and his church please visit the church website:

ThursdaySeptember 11, 2014

Show Topic: Clout – God Given Influence

Jenni Catron is the author of Clout, a book about discovering and unleashing your God-given influence. Jenni loves discussing and thinking about leadership and is the former executive director of Cross Point Church in Nashville, TN. For more information on Jenni please visit

Amber Mauldin is a speaker and writer. She is the author of Perfectly Broken, a memoir of how God redeemed the trauma of rape in her life. For more information on Amber, please visit

FridaySeptember 12, 2014

Show Topic: Self Injury

Nancy Rue is an author, speaker, and blogger. In this episode Nancy discusses her book,
The Merciful Scar, a fictional tale about a girl who finds healing from self injury on a ranch in Montana. For more information on Nancy and her books please visit

Sarah Dixon is a self injury survivor who attended Mercy Ministries. She is completely healed from cutting and her eating disorder and walks in the Light. Praise the Lord! For more information on Mercy Ministries please visit

Cissy Etheridge is the Program Director and Counseling Programs Advisor for Mercy Ministries. For more information on Cissy and Mercy Ministries please visit