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MondayDecember 15, 2014

Today’s Teaching: Navigating Through Change

Show #: 9004

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TuesdayDecember 16, 2014

Show Topic:Reclaiming Your Heart

Denise Hildreth Jones is the author of Reclaiming Your Heart and Secrets Over Sweet Tea, and several other titles. She has struggled through the heartbreak of divorce, and journeyed through healing with the Lord to “reclaim her heart”. She is now happily remarried to her husband Philly. For more information on Denise please visit

WednesdayDecember 17, 2014

Show Topic: Prayer Show with Pastor Kathy Tack

Kathy Tack is the lead pastor of Generations of Grace church. For more information on about Kathy and Generations of Grace please visit

ThursdayDecember 18, 2014

Show Topic: Human Trafficking

Bishop is a former gang member and undercover gang specialist. He has commited himself to exposing the truth about human trafficking that lurks behind the scenes of society. For more information on Bishop please visit his website:

Stacia Freeman is the President of Abolition International, an organization commited to ending human trafficking through education, restorative care and empowerment. For more information on Stacia or Abolition International, please visit their website at:

FridayDecember 19, 2014

Today’s Teaching: Going the Distance

Show #: 9005

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Last Week

MondayDecember 8, 2014

Today’s Teaching: Gaurding Your Hear Pt. 2

Show #: 9003

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TuesdayDecember 9, 2014

Show Topic: Grief

Dr. Reggie Anderson is a physician of 25 years. He serves as the chief of staff for TriStar Ashland City Medical Center. Dr. Anderson is also the author of Appointments with Heaven, a book that begs the question: is there more to life than this world and how does that change how we live? For more information on Dr. Anderson and his book please visit

Alice Ball Breuer is the widow of her late husband John, who died of a mysterious medical condition. She details her story of suffering and how God redeemed her grief in her book Beyond the Dark Bayou. For more information on Alice please visit her website,

Abigail Holcomb is a child and family counselor at Family Care Counseling in Nashville, TN. Abigail grew up in Columbia during a time of civil unrest. Her father was martyred during that time shortly after her 18th birthday. The fallout from the loss of her father and the counseling she received afterwards led her to become a counselor herself. For more information on Abigail please click here.

Pamala Kaufman is a family systems therapist. Pamala helps clients from all walks of life find healing through sound, Biblical counseling. For more information on Pamala please visit

WednesdayDecember 10, 2014

Show Topic: Prayer Show with Pastor Brent Hodge

Brent Hodge is the Franklin Campus Pastor of Cross Point Church. For more information on about Brent and Cross Point Church please visit

Show Topic: Keeping Faithful Between Times

Katherine Degenhardt is a Christian consultant and author. She has helped many people find peace with their past through Biblical truths. To order one of Katherine’s books, visit her online store by clicking here


ThursdayDecember 11, 2014

Show Topic: The Music Business

Mark Cabaniss is the head of Alfred Sacred Music Group, a music publishing company. Mark is also a writer, composer and producer. For more information on Mark please visit

FridayDecember 12, 2014

Show Topic: The WHTN Staff Christmas Show

WHTN’s staff shares the stories and traditions of their families during the Christmas season. For more information on WHTN please visit