“For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” Matthew 18:20 At CTN-WHTN, we believe in the power of a God-centered community. That’s why we would like to invite local, Christian churches to submit their events to our community calendar. The works and ministries of the Christian church can have a powerful influence on the world, and we believe it is our duty to support those works in whatever way we can. By submitting your events to our calendar, you’ll be able to reach more individuals and invite more people to join in your good works. Feel free to submit events such as church conferences, spiritual retreats, vacation Bible schools, Bible studies, service days at local charities or in your neighborhoods, and other church-related works. The earlier you submit your events, the more publicity we can provide for you, so plan ahead! To submit an event, check out our easy-to-use submission form. Be sure to include the name of your event, its location, date and times, and a description of the activities involved. Also include the contact information of the responsible party, so that visitors to our calendar will know how to get involved with your event. All event submissions should be sent at least two weeks before the intended date of the event.

AEC v1.0.4
Submit An Event
All events must be received two weeks before the event date and will be reviewed for consideration.