Is it okay for a Christian to become angry? & More This Week on Bridges

Is it okay for a Christian to become angry? & More This Week on Bridges


Monday, July 29th
Although the world is getting “darker” all the time it is possible to live a pure life. Join Monica today on Bridges as she talks with Coreena Monroe about her work in Simply Pure Ministries.

Tuesday, July 30th
Do you feel guilty when you get angry? If so, you’ll want to watch Monica as she teaches on Bridges today to learn about anger – it’s constructive and destructive side. There are times when anger is appropriate and can be displayed righteously and make changes for the good.

Wednesday, July 31st
Artist Tyrus Morgan joins Monica today on Bridges and they talk about the importance of community and faith.

Thursday August 1st
Meredith Kendall reached a point in her life where she felt that she was living a “selfish life”. With that realization she made some changes and eventually launched Against the Grain Ministries. This ministry reaches out to single moms and women that are incarcerated and provides them with Christian teaching, discipleship and also job training.

Friday, August 2nd
If you’ve been told that suffering is not a part of the Christian life you might want to watch Bridges today and gain a new perspective. There are seasons of suffering in the Christian life and those periods of trials and despair can be used (if we’re willing) to help develop the character of Christ in our lives. Joan Evrist, Associate Pastor New Song Fellowship (Cool Springs area) is Monica’s guest today.

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