Women’s Musical Showcase and more this week on Bridges

Women’s Musical Showcase and more this week on Bridges


What’s on Bridges this Week?

Monday – Friday 9:30 AM and 8:30 PM CST on WHTN. You can also watch online at these same times on www.ctntv.org

Monday, June 3rd

Co-Parenting Issues? On Monday, June 3rd Tammy Daughtry, Co-Parenting Coach joins Monica to talk about how to help your children thrive after divorce.

Tuesday, June 4th

Find Your Yes in God with Mike Glenn on Tuesday, June 4th. Mike Glenn says yours life will gain purpose as you find God’s “Yes” for your life, dreams, and passions.

Wednesday June 5th at 8:30PM CST

You’ll “laugh it up” on Bridges Wednesday, June 5that 8:30 PM CST because Sue Duffield will be Monica’s guest. Find out how laughter can greatly improve your quality of life.

Thursday, June 6th

Local Independent artist Erica Lane is Monica’s guest today. She talks about the “Music Showcase” she put together to help independent artists and songwriters. There’s still opportunity to enter the contest so please visit www.cwimashowcase.com for more information.

Friday, June 7th

Don’t let the “Joy Blockers” impede your life. Join Monica today as she teaches from God Word on how to recognize and move beyond the “blocker” to true Biblical Joy.

What was your favorite Bridges Show this Week?  Let us know.  We’d love to hear from you.


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