Want to know more about the Hebrew roots of the Christian faith?…and more this week on Bridges


It’s a good week on Bridges this week we will look at everything from the Hebrew roots of our Christian Faith to how to have true biblical joy.

Monday, May 20th

Sonya Slaton joins Monica on Bridges and they talk about practical ways to show Christian love in our relationships.

Tuesday, May 21st

Bestselling Author, Stephen Mansfield joins Monica today to talk about how to heal your church hurt.

Wednesday May 22nd

Pastors Robb and Shanda Tripp talk with Monica today about the benefits of serving.  To learn more about Pastors Robb and Shanda please visit

Thursday, May 23rd

Ever wondered about the Hebrew roots of our Christian Faith?  Then today is the day to watch Bridges as Bruce and Lynne Patterson join Monica and talk about the Hebrew roots of our faith.  You can learn more about Bruce and Lynne by visiting

Friday, May 24th

We all probably know that one of the hallmarks of our faith is “Joy”.  We all also know that sometimes our “Joy” is strictly what’s on the outside because on the inside we are struggling…… Monica today as she teaches on “Joy – beyond Outward Appearances”.  This is part one of a 4 part Online Bible Study.  Join Monica on this search for true biblical joy and sign up for the OBS.  You can sign up for the OBS at


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