Do you know why it’s important for America to Stand with Israel?..& more this week on Bridges


This Week on Bridges

Monday, May 13, 2013

Guest Victoria Kohloff Joins Monica to talk about how we’ve been lied to about abortion and her important work at a Columbia Pregnancy Center.

Nancy Reece, aka “The Integrity Fanatic” takes a sabbatical and goes “unplugged” for a whole month. Learn on Bridges today the benefits of unplugging.

Lorraine Whoberry joins Monica and talks about how God helped her forgive the man that murdered one of her daughters and brutally assaulted her second daughter.

Meredith Kendall with Against the Grain Ministries is on Bridges today talking about the transforming work of her ministry in the lives of single moms and incarcerated women.

Laurie Cardoza Moore, PJTN – find out why it’s so important for America to stand with Israel.

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