Do I have to say everything I’m thinking in order to be honest?… & more this week on Bridges


This week on Bridges we’ll talk about everything from whether you should say everything on your mind, to a special show that honors 5 people with a makeover from Breon Hair Salon.

Monday, May 6th
Sue Duffield joins Monica and together they laugh hysterically. Find out what laughter is good for your life.

Tuesday, May 7th
Dove Award Winning Artist Cheri Keaggy┬á joins Monica to talk about her latest project “So I Can Tell”.

Wednesday May 8th
When Dave Moore’s son goes missing he finds himself understandably frantic. In the midst of this crisis Dave Moore find his faith.

Thursday, May 9th
Is it wise to speak your whole mind? Is that what it means to be “totally honest”. What is biblical honesty and when is it okay (or is it?) to refrain from speaking everything you think.

Friday, May 10th
Breon Hair Salon celebrates their 10 year business anniversary with giving 5 deserving women complete makeovers.

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