Struggling with unwanted same sex attractions? – this week on Bridges and More


April 1 – 5th 2013 on Bridges

As One the first interracial female duo in gospel music join Monica on Bridges. Hear their music and the hearts at 9:30 AM CST and 8:30 PM CST on WHTN
No More Bullies! Shannon Perry, Author, Speaker and TV Host joins Monica on Bridges to talk about how to empower your children to negate bullying. If you don’t receive WHTN in your area you can also watch this program online on Tuesday 9:30 AM and 8:30 PM CST at
Going through some tough stuff? Monica offers biblical help on Bridges Wednesday evening at 8:30 PM CST

Struggling with unwanted same sex attractions? You’ll receive encouragement and wisdom from someone who has been there. Jeremy Myers joins Monica on Bridges on Thursday morning at 9:30 AM CST and again at 8:30 PM to tell his story and offer help to those who want to change.

Feeling alone? Kim Deardoff was abandoned as a child and then adopted into a “less than nurturing family? Hear his story of dealing with rejection, loneliness and other related issues and how he learned who He is and about His value through his relationship with Jesus Christ. Watch on WHTN or online at 9:30 AM and again at 8:30 PM CST.

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