Bridges Schedule – Week of Jan 7, 2013

Bridges Schedule – Week of Jan 7, 2013


Monday, January 7 2013
Should persecution be a part of a believer’s life? What about trouble and suffering? If you’ve ever asked yourself or been asked these questions you’ll want to watch today’s Bridges program. It’s packed with the real issues of today’s Christian.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013
Could you forgive the person that killed your child? Lorraine Whoberry did and she joins Monica today on Bridges to tell her powerful story. She now heads up the Stacie Foundation and reaches out to offenders with the love of Christ. Watch on Tuesday, January 8th.

Wednesday, January 9th, 2013
Coreena promised God she would save herself for marriage. That promise was marred when she was raped as a teenager. For years Coreena kept that secret and was tormented by the memories. Today, Coreena is a wife, mom and head of Simply Pure Ministries where she teaches young girls the value of virtue and purity. Coreena’s story is proof of God’s power to restore lives.

Thursday, January 10, 2013
Meredith Kendall of Against the Grain Ministries joins Monica on Bridges. Against the Grain reaches out to those in prison and jail with the hope of Jesus Christ. Michelle Baxter (graduated of Against the Grain) joins Meredith on Bridges today. Michelle tells her story which begins in jail – then on to prison and now as a Christian, happy, healthy working mom and grandma. Michelle can testify first hand what the ministry of Against the Grain can do in a person’s life.

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