How Healthy is Your Family?

How Healthy is Your Family?


MONDAY, February 13, 2012

Guests: Wade Jackson

Family Dynamic Institute –

FYI: The Cleavers’ weren’t real. Whether you are taking proactive steps to keeping your marriage and family healthy or are in need of revival for a relationship in distress, you’ll want to tune in today to learn more about this comprehensive ministry. As is often said, “As goes the family, so goes the nation.” Equip yourselves with the tools you need to be a strong, healthy family!

TUESDAY, February 14, 2012
Monica Teaching

No Fear, Part 2

Join Monica today as she speaks on “No Fear in Christ.” We all know that from time to time we can become fearful. If we let fear take full reign, we find ourselves making one mistake after another. This teaching will help us learn the tools to overcome fear and walk in faith in Jesus Christ. Part of His Good News is that we don’t have to be afraid anymore. Are you ready to take a step into Freedom?

WEDNESDAY, February 15, 2012

Cassie and George/Joyce Oglesby

Surviving Infidelity

Today’s show will tackle the difficult subject of infidelity in the light of God’s Word and Grace. With honesty and hope, anyone who has walked through the pain of infidelity will gain insight and a perspective that only Love could give. Don’t miss this transforming show.

THURSDAY, February 16, 2012

Guests: Becky Sumrall, Tiffany Williamson, Dawn Ferguson

Christian Womens’ Job Corp –

In 1997 CWJC of Middle TN was formed to provide a faith-based educational program and life
changing community to individuals living on salaries below living wage. Their vision was to provide individuals educational classes, community resources, and a mentor to journey with them to a brighter future. Their holistic program, at no cost to the student, provides an individual the support and knowledge to change their circumstances and their lives.

FRIDAY, February 17, 2012

Finishing Well, Part 5 –

Monica continues this exciting new series called Finishing Well. “It’s Not How You Start but How You Finish!” is part 5 of this this online bible study series Even when we start off on the wrong foot, we CAN regroup by simply changing our focus and getting on the right track. If you’d like to sign up for this online bible study, please go to

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