Learn the Tools to Start AND Finish Well!

Learn the Tools to Start AND Finish Well!


MONDAY, January 16, 2012

Guests: Bruce and Jean Hammond

Healthy Relationships – www.destinymanifest.net

Is dysfunction a part of your family tree? You can develop healthy family relationships! Join Monica today on Bridges to begin building a healthy family today and for generations to come.

TUESDAY, January 17, 2012

Guest: Larry Carpenter

Creation by Design – www.creationbydesign.com

Guest Larry Carpenter shares a dynamic truth to inspire and equip you to come alongside your kids and young adults to help them hold onto their faith in a world often opposed to the Truth of Jesus Christ. You won’t want to miss today’s show!

WEDNESDAY, January 18, 2012

Guest: Jennifer Brindley

Right Sizing Your Life – www.riseupministry.com

Are you ready to take charge of your health and well being? Join Monica and Jennifer today to learn how to tackle a healthy mind and body to move forward as the person you were created to be for such a time as this.

THURSDAY, January 19, 2012

Guest: Carol Swain

Be the People – www.carolswain.net

Dr. Carol Swain joins Bridges today to discuss her newest book “Be the People.” A dynamic read calling Americans to reclaim the faith and promise this country was founded upon.

FRIDAY, January 20, 2012

Finishing Well – www.monicaspeaks.com

Monica begins a new series called Finishing Well. “Start and Finish” is Part 1 of this this online bible study series. Sometimes the unexpected events of life can divert our attention and keep us from fulfilling our goals. Today on Monica Speaks we will learn how to effectively start AND finish well despite the unexpected. This is Part I of the Finishing Well series. If you’d like to sign up for this online bible study, please go to www.monicaspeaks.com

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