Are You Ready to Take Your Marriage and Family to the Next Level?

Are You Ready to Take Your Marriage and Family to the Next Level?


MONDAY, November 28, 2011

Guests: Jennifer Brindley

Right Sizing Your Life –

Join Jennifer and Monica as they share how we can care for our physical bodies and glorify God with a healthy lifestyle. Let’s tackle both the mental weight and the physical weight as the New Year is fast approaching.

TUESDAY, November 29, 2011

Guests: Wade Jackson

Family Dynamic Institute –

FYI: The Cleavers’ weren’t real. Whether you are taking proactive steps to keeping your marriage and family healthy or are in need of revival for a relationship in distress, you’ll want to tune in today to learn more about this comprehensive ministry. As is often said, “As goes the family, so goes the nation.” Equip yourselves with the tools you need to be a strong, healthy family!

WEDNESDAY, November 30, 2011

Guests: Shannon Perry, Amy Freese

Connection with Purpose – and

Shannon Perry is renowned public speaker and recording artist who speaks passionately to women empowering them to find their balance and purpose and moving forward in God’s exciting plans for their lives.

Amy Freese has woven her passion and experience in the fashion, decorating, and coaching industries together to create an innovative lifestyle tapestry for women; DesignHer Living.


Guests: Teaching Series with Monica Schmelter

Getting Over the Quick-Fix Formula –

Monica dispels the myth that there is a “quick-fix” formula to make everything better. Learn how the disciplines of quiet, rest, and dependence on God is always the solution to whatever life throws at us.


Guests: John and Dorla Schlitt

“The Grafting” –

Recording artist John Schlitt and his wife Dorla join Monica today to share their latest project, “The Grafting.” A once drug-addicted rocker and his wife’s newfound faith transform their lives and his music into a ministry, performing and living for God’s glory.

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