Help for Depression and more this week on Bridges

Help for Depression and more this week on Bridges


Going the Distance Part IThinking about quitting? Today’s teaching on Going the Distance just might change your mind. Join Monica today at 9:30 AM and 6 PM for more.
Show # BRG1909T

Going the distance Part II
Still thinking about quitting – today is part 2 of Going the Distance on Bridges.
You can watch online or on WHTN at 9:30 AM and 6 PM.
Show # BRG1910T

Help for Depression
Struggling with depression?. Learn from speaker and author Patty Mason today how to get rid of depression at it’s roots without medication. Visit for more information.
Show # BRG2026

Did Jesus live a “selfless” life?Counselors Bruce and Jean Hammond join Monica on Bridges to talk about the myth of the “selfless life”. Rather than living a “selfless life” we are to live an authentic life in Christ which includes dying to our sinful nature. Learn more about Bruce and Jean Hammond at

Judy Judy Judy !Want to find out how getting older never looked so good? Well then watch Bridges today and 3 image consultants all named “Judy” will tell you how. For a copy of their book” Getting Older Never Looked so Good visit their blog site at
Show # BRG 2030 Judy Judy judy

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