Join Monica for Bridges this Week: Peek at “Songs for Israel”

Join Monica for Bridges this Week: Peek at “Songs for Israel”


Monday, September 19th
Songs for Israel, Phil Keaggy, Buck Storm & Randy Stonehill

Songs for Israel
Phil Keaggy, Randy Stonehill, and Buck Storm join Monica to talk about their collaberotive project “Songs for Israel”. Bob Bennett was also involved in this project but unable to be in the studio. This is a heart breathed project for God’s chosen people of Israel. Visit

Tuesday, September 20th
Finding the Will Pt 2

Monica Teaching
Can’t figure out what God wants you to do? Relax God is on your side and wants to reveal His will to you. Today Monica will help you discover God’s will as she studies the scripture with you.

Wednesday, September 21st
Deborah Baird

Prayer Show
At 9:30 AM you can join Monica for the prayer show. If you have a need or concern on your heart just submit your request online or call in at 615 754 0039

Thursday, September 22nd
Bruce and Jean Hammond

Living Your Authentic Self
Counselors Bruce and Jean Hammond join Monica on Bridges to talk about the myth of the “selfless life”. Rather than living a “selfless life” we are to live an authentic life in Christ which includes dying to our sinful nature. Learn more about Bruce and Jean Hammond at

Friday, September 23rd
Judy, Judy, Judy

Getting older never looked so good
Want to find out how getting older never looked so good? Well then watch Bridges today and 3 image consultants all named “Judy” will tell you how. For a copy of their book” Getting Older Never Looked so Good visit their blog site at

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