Couples Survive Infidelity & Share their story on Bridges

Couples Survive Infidelity & Share their story on Bridges


Bridges Blog Week of September 5th

Monday, September 5th
Cassie and George/J.Oglesby
Surviving Infidelity Married Couples share how God helped them forgive and survive infidelity.

Tuesday, September 6th
Tami Heim/Toni Birdsong
Sticky Jesus, Learn how to share your faith online

Wednesday, September 7th
Pastor Calhoun
Prayer Show
At 9:30 AM you can join Monica for the prayer show. If you have a need or concern on your heart just submit your request online or call in at 615 754 0039

Thursday, September 8th
Patty Mason
Overcoming Depression
Struggling with depression. Learn from speaker and author Patty Mason today how to get rid of depression at it’s roots without medication. Visit for more information

Friday, September 9th
Common Myths Part 1
Monica Teaching

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