Week of June 1st on Bridges

Week of June 1st on Bridges


Wednesday, June 1st

On today’s Bridges show Pam Pitts will share some much needed financial advice for these turbulent economic times. There is hope and Pam will help you find it.

Thursday, June 2nd

Sanna is Monica’s guest on Thursday. “Sanna is one of the funniest most genuine people I have ever met”. You will LOVE Sanna. My favorite story is when Sanna talks about trying to make some biscuits….just watch Bridges today and you’ll find out just what I mean.

Friday, June 3rd

Finding the Will of God
Can’t figure out what God wants you to do? Relax God is on your side and wants to reveal His will to you. Today Monica will help you discover God’s will as she studies the scriptures with you.

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