The Great Awakening

The Great Awakening


On January 2, 2011 CTN started the new year by airing the Great Awakening at 6:30 PM CST 7 days a week. Join in and be a part of this worldwide revival called the Great Awakening.

Here is a personal message from Drs. Rodney & Adonica Howard-Browne to you:

CTN television network and CTN approached us and has cleared the way for us to broadcast the Great Awakening live 7 nights a week- starting Sunday night, the 2nd of January 2011. We have an opportunity to carry the gospel nightly into 40 million plus homes by way of satellite across North, Central, and South America. This is huge- it is a mass crusade every night- we are so excited- God is so good!

We, you and us together, are co-laborers together with the Lord. The anointing that is on this ministry comes into your life the moment that you partner with this ministry because you join together with us in helping spread revival across America and around the world. You share in the same equal reward that the ministry receives. Every soul that gets saved comes to your account. God notices every little thing that you do. He is not unrighteous to forget your labor of love. Remember that the only thing that we can take with us when we leave the earth is souls!

Adonica and I would like to thank all of our friends and partners, not only those at The River, but also those who have joined together with us from all over America and the nations of the world. Thank you for praying for this ministry and for supporting us financially. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your commitment to the Lord and to us. THANK YOU FOR HOLDING UP OUR HANDS- Without you, we would not be able to see the dream of America being shaken by revival come to pass. For more information, please visit .

We love you,
Drs. Rodney & Adonica Howard-Browne

How has this broadcast effected you?

  1. Dale Plaisace
    Dale Plaisace02-13-2013

    Please Please Pray for me that I can be set free for insomm. I been have it for so long now and might sleep 3 to 4 hour of sleep night. Please also to be debt free. That all my family will come back to the Lord please!!!!

  2. Paula Canipe
    Paula Canipe08-28-2012

    My name is Paula Canipe and my mother passed away a year ago Aug. 17th.,2011. I was sick before she passed and have had one surgery right before she passed and one after and I have been put on so much medication and gotten off half of it already. I am grieving so hard and I know she is with God now, but it and bad arthritis has took over my body. Would you please pray that I would have a Great Awakening in my mind and body? I have gotten out of church and my husband and children are not saved. Please pray for me to get back in the Lord`’s house and for my famlily”s Salvation. I know Jesus is coming back soon and I want my family and I to be ready. I have one grandson by my oldest son and another grandson on the way in October by my youngest son. The hand of God is on my 6 year old grandson and please pray for him. And please pray that my new grandson will have the hand of God on him and that he will be healthy like the other? Thank You & God Bless You All P.S. I watch your program and you all are such a Blessing to me. Thank You and May God Bless You All!

  3. nick collins
    nick collins07-30-2012

    Hello I watch your show and I really like what your ministry is about your on fire for Jesus. I also need your ministry to pray for me and my need of prayer is big. I am in need of prayer for God protection from being attacked by the enemy I feel a little back slid en but I know should do better. I’m in the process of getting a new power wheelchair and fighting to get medicaids approval so thank you and God bless

  4. Carly

    Hi, My name is Carly Fallon Cantrell My mom Mona Yvonne Salyer 61 Went to have her Gal bladder removed in December While in surgery her blood presser got really high, It has caused swelling on her brain and a condition called PRES and Call Fleming Syndrome She has also had a stroke.She has lost most of her eye sight and movement on the right side of her body (Arm & Leg) her memory and mental state has also been affected, The doctor told me her eye sight is permanent I DO NOT accept that I believe that the Lord CAN, WILL & is ALREADY healing her! Please keep her in your prayers, My father-in-law Jerry Lynn Richerson is also sick with cancer and the doctors told my sister in law They didn’t expect him to make it to the end of January He has cancer & tumors all over his body and stays in pain. Please keep him in your prays. Please also keep their doctors and nurses in your prays. Thank you & God Bless, Carly Cantrell 47247 Rabun Road Apt A7 Bay Minette AL 36507

  5. Vivian Aldana
    Vivian Aldana02-22-2011

    My prayers are with you.

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